Raid on Hyperion Redux

Raid on Hyperion Redux

I had some time on Sunday evening to have a third game, so I thought I’d give the Orbital Drop scenario a try and have my MMC Marines in power armour assaulting the Forward Operating Base I made out of the old Airfix Coastal Gun Emplacement. 

I played this a few times earlier with my homebrew rules. I even wrote a good story from one game here, Raid on Hyperion

The Martians got Heavy Weapons, and Demolitions,  which I figured would prove useful attacking fortifications. I also deployed the MMC in Reduced Model Units of 3 figures in each fireteam. So a big game with 65 points worth of MMC attacking about 40 points of UNMC defenders. 

Which is only 1.5:1 odds for attacking a fortified position. 

UNMC Fireteam patroling the Belter settlement 

Stand to! Half of the UNMC platoon is in the FOB itself. The other half are on perimeter patrols to cover the 6 drop zones.

Point Defense Gun is a Support Weapon. Missile Launcher is a Support Weapon with Artillery 

Trying vehicle rules with my gunship

First team gets to the objective 

Rest of strike force closing in, ignoring the outlying patrols 

Point Defense Gun taken out after it has killed a few Marines

Brutal trench clearing. Missile launcher is taken out with grenades 

Assaulting the HQ Bunker 

Last defenders die hard 

It was fast, furious and fun. The MMC lost 6 out of 30 in the strike force. The UNMC lost 5 captured and 19 KIA out of a garrison of 30, plus the HQ Bunker with its vital intel was captured.

I learned a few more things.

I realized when I went to attack the Bunker that I’d been getting an important part of the elite infantry wrong. „Move“ isn’t one of their free actions, „Attack“ is. Oops. Their assault wouldn’t have been nearly as coordinated. So I need to make a better, easier to read reference sheet of all the unit profiles like I gave for Dragon Rampant. 

A few more ideas on how to better handle the fortifications for better play balance.

I’m also wrapping my head around the subtleties of shooting and the different upgrades.

I also really need more rocky scatter terrain and some better hills.  The cloth draped over foam doesn’t lie down enough, so slopes are very tippy and badly defined. Plus it just looks too exposed, even though hills are supposed to count as cover.

And I’m not sure that the olive drab for the UNMC really works for me. Maybe light grey?

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