Random Troll

Random Troll

Over the last few weeks, I got a little distracted from the BAck of Beyond stuff and started rebasing some fantasy armies. In the process of doing so, I ended up painting a single troll miniature, to finish up a unit.. 

TROLL! The model is from Old Glory Miniatures (I think…?)

I painted it because it seemed like it might be a quick one to knock off and then I’d have three of them I could classify as a „reduced model unit“ of… something…? 

Offensive Heavy Foot (Reduced Model Unit)?

Offensive Light Foot (Reduced Model Unit)?

I don’t know… 

This is the three of them together. I think I did a pretty good job of matching up the paint jobs. (might not be apparent in the pics – they look kind of black on my screen – but the paint is actually a really dark brown). 

Of course, after finishing the one up and thinking it was done, I found a fourth one from the same line… and a fifth that could probably go with them… just need one more to make it an even six!? 

I have PILES more trolls – from Ral Partha – that I’ve organized into units of six… none of those are painted yet, though… Most of those have weapons and armour and clothes… 

Maybe these ones won’t ever be part of a Dragon Rampant army, they’ll just be used in Song or Blades and Heroes or some Fantasy Role-Playing Game as more traditional bridge trolls…? 

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