Re-Play 2023 Loot

Re-Play 2023 Loot


I told myself before the Re-Play show last weekend that I didn’t need to buy anything at the show??
Who was I kidding????
Debris of War did well by me, I spent all my dosh at their stall.
Some 25mm walling, did I need more walling? Of course not!
4 packs of tufts, these hopefully will be used on my 2mm terrain.

As will the static grass

I’ve long admired Tony’s trees, so I thought I’d take the plunge and get some, they’re not the cheapest trees on the market, but look fab and importantly, they’re very steady, as the tree and part of the base is cast from metal. So the don’t get knocked over very easily.
I cannot tell you how much I paid for the trees, just encase SWMBO, reads this post….
Who am I kidding, she’d rather stick pins in her eyes……(her words not mine!)

So there you have it, my Re-Play Loot!

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