RE-PLAY Wargames Show 2023

RE-PLAY Wargames Show 2023

Posties Rejects will be attending a new local show on Saturday 28th October.

Re-Play is  located at the Royal Engineers Museum in Brompton, Gillingham

In conjunction with the Milton Hundred WC, there will be demonstration and participation games, as well as traders, and the chance to pit your wits against Major General (Retired) John Drewienkiewicz CB CMG, all set in the shadows of the Berlin Wall, a V2 rocket and armoured vehicles.

„Designed for the avid stratgeist and military enthusiast, this is a unique opportunity to learn the art of skilful warfare from Major General (retd.) John Drewienkiewicz CB, CMG. Join ‚DZ‘ for Operation Neptune except it is not 1944 but 2023. Take control of either the Germans and defend the Atlantic wall or side with the Allies and press on with the greatest amphibious invasion ever seen. 

Session duration approx. 2 hours.

£20 per Adult per session includes annual ticket to the RE Museum 

   Sessions are limited to 12 adult participants. 

Here are a few links about the show and venue

The Rejects will be putting on an Anglo-Zulu War game. Its the re-inactment of the Battle of  Inyezane 22nd January 1879. The battle is also sometimes known as iNyzane.
The 3 photos are of Posties Zulu wars collection and are from a previous game. I’ve pinched the 3 photos from BigLee’s blog as it seems I’ve never played with the figures or put photos up on my blog???

After a lengthy chat with Postie about what game to put we wanted to pay tribute to the Royal Engineers so we chose a battle were the Royal Engineers fought. The Zulu campaigns stuck out like a sore thumb, but we didn’t want to go for Chard and his chums at Rorke’s Drift, so chose a lesser known, but equally as important Battle of  Inyzane.

As its a brand new show, the organizers are going to keep the Traders list short, hopefully if the show goes ahead next year they’ll be a few more names to add to the list. Traders at the show are

The Pit

Sheppey Models

Brigade Models

Debris of War

Cuirassier Books

Hopefully we’ll see you there???

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