Re-Play Wrgames Show 2023

Re-Play Wrgames Show 2023


Last Sunday, Posties Rejects played a demo game of the Battle of Inyezane 1879, during the Anglo-Zulu Wars.
This was the first show at The Royal Engineers Museum in Brompton, Kent. It seemed to be a great success so hopefully will be back next year.
As its only a short 15 minute drive away, we got in the venue early and started to set up.

Well Postie did, we stood around chatting, as Postie wouldn’t let us put anything down incase we got it wrong!

Right we’re ready, now we gotta wait for the show to start.
Lee & Postie made a great display, with loads of info.

Blog Tart Lee, playing with his tripod!

The first use of a machine gun in the British army.

The Zulu view.

The British view.

We played a practice game the weekend before, the Zulu’s were slaughtered, so Postie decided to set up the British column further back, in the first game we started on the hill. While the Zulu’s started off table.

After deciding we’d play a game at the show, myself a Postie thought it would be a good idea to play a game which included some Royal Engineers, as we were at the Royal Engineers Museum.
And there they are, 2 companies of them. Who were thrown into the action, pushed out on the right flank.

The Zulu’s moved first on the far side of the hill. The British stumbled forward unaware of what their column were walking into.

At this point over on the far right, or top of the photo. A band of Zulu’s were sighted.

So we started to split our forces and try and form some sort on defensive line….if we could?

In our practise game, the Zulu’s entered the table a little at a time, as historically their right flank, refused to move forward. But this game, Postie let them all come on at once!

Dave & Surj, try to set up with what ever they can on top of the hill.

Which isn’t really a lot!

Meanwhile at the river crossing, the ox carts were making it difficult crossing the river. 

But placed correctly, they could be used as a defence.

Our rockets are set up on our left.

A bit of a jump forward – The Zulu’s are on the main hill

While the Brits are still trying to form a sensible line.

The Victoria Mounted Rifles and the Stanger Mounted Rifles, rather bravely, or was it stupidly set up against the onslaught of the oncoming Zulu’s

The Royal Engineers and other British give the Zulu’s a bloody nose!

Each Zulu stand needed to take 16 casualties before it was removed from play. Steve’s unit can be seen with 3 small white dice, he must be close to losing a stand.

The Zulu’s are in!
And make mincemeat of the Victoria Mounted Rifles and move forward to A & B companies of the 2/3rd East Kent Regt (The Buffs)

I then went for a wander, while the lads played on.
Skirmish Wargames, The First LRDG 1916 – 1917, British Empire vs. Turkish Forces at a desert oasis.

Sheppy Models – WW2 Company Commander

Real-Time Wargames – The Glittering River, Naval actions from the Russian Civil War 
 1/600th scale.

Sheppey Models

V2 Rocket

Shepway Wargames Club, Hauhausen ’89, Cold War gone hot

Cuirassier Books

Where’s the General?

Milton Hundred – Space ship fight?

Milton Hundred – The Battle For Villers Bocage 
WWII Rapid Fire

Milton Hundred – Commands and Colors Battlecry
American Civil War

Milton Hundred – „Blow the gates“ Medieval siege game

Brigade Models

The Pit

Fire When Ready UK – Star Wars Legion

Loads of Museum pics!

Tunbridge Wells Wargame Society -What a Tanker! WW2 tank skirmish

 Rainham Wargames Club – 1/600th scale American Civil War Ironclads

Medway Wargames Society – Gladiator arena

Medway Wargames Society – Star Wars Shatterpoint skirmish

Models for Heroes

Friday Night Firefight – Conquest: Last Argument of Kings

Friday Night Firefight

Maidstone Wargames Society, Dogfight ’69, El Salvador vs Honduras, 
„The Football War“, aerial combat

New Reject Chris, in the white T-Shirt getting in on the action.

Debris of War
I spent a couple of quid here!!!

Back to our game
While I was gone, Surj and Dave managed to get the British in a nice neat line just in time.

The Royal Engineers give fire.

The Zulu’s finally hit the British regulars, but some bad rolls send the Zulu’s back.
And there’s where the game ended, the Zulu’s beat a hasty retreat back over the hill, much the same as they did in reality.

That was one hell of a knackering day. In my eyes the show was a great success, there are talks of a Replay of Re-Play next year. Let’s hope so!

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