Reaper Bones Oni

Picked this up at a local gaming store for under $5.00; well actually a little more after our state 10% sales tax. It’s made out of a soft plastic – not unlike old Airfix figures. The club was a little bent from the packaging, but easily reshaped using hot water, followed by a rinse in cold water to set it. I planned to use it as a Lesser Warbeast in a Dragon Rampant warband. Hopefully pick up some more Japanese mythical creatures.

This is actually my first Reaper Bones model, but at the price, I plan to get a few more.

I’m not normally into painting gory stuff, but the eyeballs on the wristband looked appropriate for this guy.

The skulls on the belt give him a very GW flavor!

A couple of TAG demon hunters for scale. Hope to find more Oni as I want to paint some up in blue and green. On the gaming front, I’m signed up to attend a Lion/Dragon Rampant game day/tournament next Saturday. Best wishes to you all!

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