Rebasing Prussians

I haven’t liked the way my SYW Prussian cavalry have been based for a while, but haven’t done anything about it.

Originally they were all based 2 to a stand as set out in Warfare in the Age of Reason. But once I started building Austrian cavalry I decided I liked the look of 3 cavalry boot to boot on a 40mm wide base better.

Prussian old style (L) New style Austrians (R)

So I decided it was time and rebased all seven 12 figure Prussian cavalry regiments. I also rebased 7 generals on round stands.

Note that the bases are different sizes!
All 7 regiments ready for flocking. Also working on gangster buildings. 

I used some sheet metal 40×30 bases from Renaissance Ink that are left over from painting Romans for Don many years ago. The uhlan regiment are on 40×40 bases to make them look more irregular.

An added benefit is they will.occupy a smaller space in the storage drawers, which are quite full now.

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