Rebel Raiders repelled!

Vorwort: Ursprünglich hatte ich diesen Battle Report in einem Forum englischem veröffentlicht. Ich bin jetzt zu faul, um es zu übersetzen 😉 Gespielt wurde bei anspielbar in Oldenburg. Viel Spaß.

### Newsflash ### Reckless Rebel raiders tried to capture vital supplies. Brave Imperial Forces under General Veers defeated the attackers.

Turn 1

Rebel Forces rushed in and entrenched themselves in heavy cover trying to keep our brave Troopers from rescuing the supplies. But the fast and dedicated Scout Troopers on Bike swooped in and killed the majority of a rebel squadron.

Turn 2

Advancing Rebels are further decimated by the brave men of the Scout Troopers. Finest soldiers at the front.

Turn 3

Stormtroopers try their best to remove the Rebel scum from the captured gun emplacement. While the battle is in full force Luke Skywalker cowardly sneaks on the heavy units after he pushed the last of the Snowtroopers of a cliff. But they didn’t go down with a fight and managed to wound him.

Turn 4

The gun emplacement has been liberated and the first supply cache is secured! But Luke Skywalker snug up behind the AT-ST and readied his lightsaber.

AND HE MISSED! All 6 black dice MISSED

The AT-ST survives the cowardly attack. But the lurking rebel AT-RT took a shot and hit. The brave crew of the AT-ST will not be forgotten!

Turn 5

he last survivor of yellow squadron manages to secure another supply cache and evades the massive enemy fire. Sadly now the Rebels had their hand on one supply cache as well. But with only Luke Skywalker, two soldiers and a damaged AT-RT the Rebels turned heels and fled the battlefield.

Victory for the Empire!

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