Redoubt F&IW French Marines (Compagnies Franches de la Marine)

Redoubt F&IW French Marines (Compagnies Franches de la Marine)

These are some of the figures of a rather large (for me) order from Redoubt. I placed the order before my buddy offered to sell/trade back the Foundry, Redoubt and Front Rank F&IW figures I had sold him several years ago. Once I got back those figures I was able to have my initial Redoubt order amended to add these French Marines and a few other figures – removing some of the British Grenadiers from the order since I had the Foundry ones back. Grubby there at Redoubt was very nice in accomodating my request. Anyway, these French Marines are two different packs from the one I already had. They are on the larger side of 28mm which I like for skirmish gaming (single figure basing, etc.).

The packs come with an officer in each – I forgot which figures came with which pack so they aren’t arranged that way in the picture above.

They’re all in undress without their white (gris blanc) coats.

The previous six Redoubt French Marines were painted about 10 years ago and I didn’t recall what blue I had used. I tried various combinations of Vallejo Prussian Blue, Dark Blue, and Flat Blue – including adding green to some mixtures, but just couldn’t seem to match the earlier blue. The earlier blue has a brighter/lighter tone to it. 

The photo above has the earlier painted figure flanked by the newer ones. The difference in the blue may not be apparent but I hope to possibly find the right color later and add it as highlights.

The first row are the earlier painted figures. I’m finishing up some Redoubt British light infantry from the same order and hope to post pictures of them soon. Thanks again to checking out the blog, and wishing you all the best.

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