Reinforcements Arrive!

Reinforcements Arrive!


About 10 bags of Armies In Plastic Confederates in 54mm

The other day a large box arrived in the mail from Armies In Plastic and it contained ten boxes of plastic 54mm Confederates. I opened up all of the bags and sorted them into piles of like poses. Some are advancing or charging, other are standing, kneeling, loading in a firing line. I got rid of the two useless figures that seem to come in every bag of plastic figures, no matter who the manufacturer is. The first is a standing firing chap without a hat, but he has the ubiquitous bandage around his head. The other fellow is kneeling and reaching into his cartridge box (so far so good), but he is wearing his kepi backwards with the front bill in the back. Who knew that Hip Hop style started in 1961?

So my painting plan is to paint all the figures of one pose and then move on to the next pose. This should quicken my painting pace as I become familiar with how to paint each pose.

I  have finished two 30-figure Confederate regiments and eight 30- figure Union regiments for a total of 300 figures to date. The project calls for nearly 1,000 figures so I am about a third of the way through the targeted number of figures needed for my Pickett’s Charge Project.

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