Relic Mycenaeans And A Rubicon Montgomery

Relic Mycenaeans And A Rubicon Montgomery

Here are the 6 sample Relic Miniatures Mycenaeans sent to me by Mike Evans. They are temp based as I plan to give them to a buddy so he can base them to his liking. I misplaced the spears that were sent to me so these are just various ones I had on hand. The Rubicon Montgomery will be used as the senior officer for Western Desert Bolt Action games.

The Relic figures are nicely sculpted but smaller than the Redoubt and Foundry figures I already have.

The helmets are based upon what can be seen in period artwork – frescoes, ivory carvings, etc. The cuirasses are similar to the bell-cuirass style of the Archaic period. Some appear to have throat armor like that seen on the Dendra cuirass. The kilts are also accurate from period artwork. I painted the greaves as bronze ones. Small bronze greaves have been found but they may have been worn over cloth/linen greaves.

As mentioned in the previous post, the shields look good, and the figure-8 one is particularly nice.

Below is a comparison with a Redoubt figures. The Relic figure is noticeably smaller overall. Relic figures are on the smaller/slender size of most 28mm figures.

And a comparison between the Rubicon Montgomery and a Warlord Games Rommel. The are close enough after raising the base with some Green Stuff for the Rubicon figure. The Rubicon figures is sculpted like the Relic ones. Some would argue more realistically proportioned. I mean look at the size of Rommel’s head! ūüôā

I’ve gotten to the point of being quite the lazy painter. That is, my preferred method is block painting followed by a wash – usually with Minwax. After this, details and highlights can be added – or not.¬†In any case, thanks for stopping by and seeing my latest projects.

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