Renault R35 turrets

Renault R35 turrets

 While I was sorting out the Fowler tractor, I came across some old resin R35 turrets. I recall they were donated by Tim, and I had some vague idea about using them as substitute turrets for my H39s so they could pretend to be H35s. 

I rapidly realised that wasn’t going to work as they seem to be 1/76th. I think they’d been carved off some resin bunkers, so I thought I may as well do them as fortress turrets. We do go to Normandy sometimes for games and they may be useful.

I just did them in standard three colour camo. There were actually three turrets but the cupola had fallen off one and it wasn’t worth trying to bodge it up so I just painted two.

They got an inkwash (more obvious here around the turrets) and a light drybrush to pick out the details. Job done, and into the fortifications box they go.

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