[Review] Butlers Printed Models – Spandrel ATGM/BRDM 2

I always look for little or less known companys and compare their work to that of the big ones. It happened quiet often that such smaller brand impress me with the miniatures the made.

Since I play Team Yankee, I search for alternatives for Battlefronts resin cast. These resin casts are really nice indeed, but I am not a big fan of resin on tanks. Its a lot of weight, just not my taste. So I stumbled across ashop which produces 3D printed models for tanks. Butlers Printed Models

I bought 3 Sprandrel ATGM vehicles and 3 BRDM2 scouts from their range. They produce 6, 15, 20 and 28mm stuff fromm ww1 to modern vehicles.

Now for reviewing 3D printed miniatures you always have to had two things in mind, which came with the print process. A 3D printer (in this case Fused Deposition Modelling) heatens up a plastic filament string and builds up the print object layer by layer through a small nozzle.  Trough this process there are visible lines (the layers on the final model), more or less visible depending on the print settings and nozzle size. The second noticable drawback is that such a printer cant print in mid air. (The filament will just fall down) This is the reason why there are these support structutrures if you recieve the minis from Butlers Printed Models.

Now with this points in mind you can review such models.

The overall miniature

The overall miniature of the BRDM2 and Spandrel are well detailed, they even got the belly wheels. All vehicles came in 2 parts which consists of weapon system and vehicle. After cleaning up the support structures you dont have to glue anything. (Just in case you want to glue the turrents in place of course)

I will compare the Spandrel to the Battlefront version, but considering only detailing and such. I know that the BF vehicle dont have any print lines! The BPM (I call them from now) vehicles are as well detailed as the Battlefront ones. Hatches vision slits exhausts and lights are represented well detailed on both vehicles.                                        Some points speaking for the details of the BPM Spandrel. At first the enhanced detailes on the front left hatch and the structure behind the missile launcher. One drawback on the BF vehicle is that it looks like used for all 3 Team Yankee BRDM2 versions (BRDM2, Spandrel and Gaskin). The vision slits on both sides of the vehicle are just used on the BRDM2 (scout) vehicles and not on the ATGM platform. (at least I did not found picures showing somethig different) The size of the rockets and some details on the vehicle are overall better scaled on the BPM vehicle than the Battlefront one.

Overall I think I prefer the BPM version for different reasons. At first they seem to research a bit better to detail their vehicles. I always was a fan of 3D printing so these print lines are not an issue for me but I think thats one point that may affect some people. In the end I think for a 3D printed model of this size the details and quality are amazing. They are easy to put togethzer and the prize of 3.50 pound is really a bargain.

Hope you enjoyed that review, cheers!



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