Review: Feed Me Games

If you’ve been around Twitter or the right parts of Facebook or other social media, you will have noticed mention of a new gaming site – Feed Me Games.

Essentially, it aims to pull together games of all kinds (roleplayers, wargamers, boardgamers) onto one social media site, free from spam, harassment and general idiocy. Since I fit all three of the first categories (and hopefully none of the second three :D), I signed up – you can find me there, predictably enough, as TroubleAtTheMill.

What do I think?

Mostly, I think it suffers from not having hit critical mass yet – starting this kind of thing is always difficult, as without enough people interacting, it won’t take off. Witness Google+, which, with a much less laudable and focussed aim and a much bigger company behind it, never really took off, and ditto Google Wave (which I think was criminally underused and absolutely brilliant, and I wish Google had kept it going, but that’s by the by). Traffic is slowly ramping up – my D&D 5E discussion group is acquiring a half dozen or so members a day.

It’s kind of a bit of everything – it looks and feels as if it’s derived from Facebook, with a front page news feed of all your interesting stuff, plus groups, personal blogs, messages and events – and ads, which might make it the one social media site on which I wouldn’t bitch about ads, because they’re actually relevant. It’s not perfect, and I think jaytee and his partner are well aware of that – there are always going to be teething problems (trust me, I’m a web developer) with a site like this – but what there is for the most part clean, pretty robust, properly secure and usable.

I know there’s already plenty of places for us gamers to be social – Twitter, Facebook, Blogger etc. I’m loath to move lock stock and barrel to  FMG (hell, I’m damn proud of my page view count here!), but I do think it has the potential to be a good home for discussions, and for cross-pollination between the various strands of the gaming hobby. I certainly intend to give it my support, and I’d like to encourage folks reading this to do so as well: if enough of us do, it has the potential to be a really good place.

[Note: this is going to be one of the very few posts I cross-post verbatim to The Sage DM]

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