Riecharbeitsdienst “Albert Speer” guard  RAD Panzer Grenadier Abteilung 1945

Riecharbeitsdienst “Albert Speer” guard RAD Panzer Grenadier Abteilung 1945


 Albert Speer RAD Panzer Grenadier Abteilung 1945

I have commenced my kampfgruppe 1001 nights, part of the unit was Albert Speer’s RAD body guard Abteilung, which was made up of Reichsarbeitsdienst troops from Berlin, many of whom come from anti aircraft batteries around Berlin. One RAD motorcycle company plus the Armoured cars joined the Kampfgruppe 1001 nights to fight in the Seelow Heights. The remainder stayed in Berlin to man 88 gun batteries and to act as infantry in he Spree sector. 
The miniatures are from Simons Soldiers fall of Berlin range, the medic from FAA miniatures which are very perfect for the last days of the Reich wargaming 

HQ company

RAD commander

RAD panzerschrek

Rifle coy

RAD rifle company
RAD Rifle coy

MG Support Coy


RAD MG team

Rapid Fire Organisation 

Panzer-Aufklarungs-Abteilung Speer 
  • HQ, Co + 3 car, medic, panzerschrek 
  • 2 x Motorcycle company (RAD uniform) 7 figs, two Fausts
  • Armoured car company 
    • 2 x Sd.Kfz 231 A/C, 1 x Sd.Kfz 263
  • Support Company 
    • Pak 38 Anti Tank mot tow, 4 crew
    • Sdkfz 7 quad 20mm flak 38, RAD 4 crew
    • Two kettenkrads plus trailers 2 x MMG 5 figs
It seems that this unit may of increased in size with infantry reinforcements and armoured cars or have been just renamed on the 3rd of April as the “Spree Panzer Grenadier Regiment” (this also may be a mistaken renaming as they were assigned the Wehrmacht Feldpost 43449 and posted to the Spree sector in Berlin).

I hope you found this an interesting unit, I have had a interesting time researching for it. If you have any notes, organisational mistakes or further information please let me know!


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