Road to Third Edition: Rob’s Goblins

Hello! It’s been a while but we’re back to kick off the next series of Road to Third Edition blogs. Just in case you haven’t been following our progress, the staff at Mantic have got very excited about the imminent launch of Third Edition.

In fact, we’ve got so carried away that a bunch of us have decided to start (or in Ronnie’s case, finish) a brand-new army for Third Edition. You can see everyone taking part in this challenge in our Road to Third Edition video below.


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With the deadline of October 21st fast approaching, we thought it was time to see how everyone is getting on… or not, in some cases.


Since the video was filmed, it has been all hands to the goblin pumps. I’m not sure quite how goblins breed, but they’ve been hard at it since the last update. I’ve now got the following painted:

  • 2 x Hordes of Spitters
  • Horde of Rabble
  • 3 x Regiments of Fleabag Riders
  • 2 x Hordes of Trolls
  • Mincer Mob
  • Winggit
  • Kuzlo & Madfall
  • 2 x Wiz
  • Banggit
  • Biggit
  • Stinggit

That takes me very nicely to just over 2,000pts. The thinking behind the army is that, like any good goblin player, I’ll be peppering the enemy with the Spitter attacks, which will hopefully chip off a few wounds before slamming into them with the trolls, while the Fleabag Riders dash across the battlefield for some sneaky flanking actions.

The Mincer Mob is a particular favourite unit. After collecting goblin armies for several years, I had a stash of Mincers that weren’t really doing a great deal. However, when browsing through the Third Edition entries, the Mincer Mob immediately caught my eye.

Firstly, it’s a chariot unit, so I don’t have to worry about it taking up valuable Monster slots (like the normal Mincer). Secondly, look at those attacks: D6+21. Are you salivating? I certainly am. Plus, Big Shield means that hopefully it should stick around long enough to get across the battlefield. Unfortunately, it’s not as fast as a normal chariot but the Mead of Madness (+1 Wild Charge) or Brew of Haste will help with that.


You may notice on that list that there are a couple of new Heroes for the goblins – well, they are a particularly heroic race, if you ask me. Third Edition introduces two new Vanguard units: the Banggit and the Stinggit.

For now, let’s just concentrate on the Stinggit. For me, the Stinggit is the perfect unit for getting behind enemy lines and disrupting war machines. I don’t have to worry about him sticking around to Inspire units (unlike the Biggit) so he can be left to his own devices away from the rest of the army. Only time will tell if my plans actually come to fruition. Spoiler: they won’t.


I feel like I’ve broken the backbone of the army, so now I can get onto the really fun stuff to give me more options for building the army. Currently on my most wanted list is:

  • a giant
  • 2 x Mawpup Launchers
  • 2 x Big Rocks Throwers
  • a Winggit
  • 2 x War Trombones
  • 2 x Flaggits

The second Winggit is particularly important for the way they can combo with War Machines… but all that will be revealed in a future blog.

Next time Martin will be giving us an update on his darkest dreams, aka his Nightstalker army.

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