Road Trip! KEGSCon 2023

Road Trip! KEGSCon 2023

I took a day trip to Chatham yesterday with Mikey, Big Dave, and Dave’s son attending his first gaming event, to attend a little gaming convention organized by my friends Keith and Brian. 43 attendees came to play 17 games over the course of the day.

Brian’s 15mm ACW game

The 2+ hour drive, and being unwilling to get on the road at 0630, meant arriving after the morning session had started. But that gave time to visit with people, get caught up, and buy some Ospreys from the single dealer, who had everything on clearance pricing.

Lardie games were well represented. Dux Britannarium ran twice. Plus 6mm Charlie Don’t Surf, 15mm They Couldn’t Hit an Elephant, What a Tanker, and Seven Spears, the Samurai variation of Dux Britannarium. 

Dux Britannarium hosted by Frank Kailik

Star Wars Shatterpoint ran twice. One friend thought it too slow moving, another thought it was „not a good tactical skirmish game, but a good objective control game.“ So take that for what you want.

Interesting to note that Shatterpoint is all Clone Wars era, and bigger scale, compared to Rebellion era Star Wars Legion, to keep you from combining the two sets. Because how else is Disney going to make more money?

Friends Rico, Pablito, and Joe ran noisy VSF games. One on the fictional continent of Euronesia using The Men Who Would Be Kings, and the second on Venus, using Xenos Rampant

Charlie Don’t Surf

They Couldn’t Hit An Elephant, 15mm ACW

Five Men At Kursk, 54mm


Charlie Company in 20mm

When the heck did Axis & Allies get so big?

Seven Spears 

I was happy to sit in on this and give the rules a try. The card play is interesting. This was also the young GMs first foray into being a convention GM.
I guess I’ll need to buy the relevant special and print off Seven Spears now, and see how I can break them with my eclectic figure inventory. 

Purchases. A deal at Cdn$15 each. Some inspiration for the Quar.

We didn’t stay for the evening session which was going to be What a Tanker and I’m not sure what else. But getting most of the way home and dropping Big Dave and his boy off in London just before the sun went down was a Good Thing.

Bacon was eaten. Friends were seen. A game was played. Fun was had.

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