Romano-British versus Saxons – Dux Bellorum Game

Initial deployment with Saxons in the foreground

Combat rapidly becomes chaotic and confusing

Mounted Companions and Noble Riders slog it out

Last Sunday afternoon Craig came over to my place and we played a Dux Bellorum game with Romano-British versus Saxons. We played the Dawn Attack scenario and Craig was the attacker, with 28 points of Romano-British and Saxon Allies, while I was the defender with 32 points of Saxons. After a couple of turns manoeuvring we charged into contact and this rapidly evolved into chaotic and confusing, multiple combats.

We slogged it out for several close turns and casualties mounted on both sides but were pretty much level pegging. Eventually the Romano-British, with fewer units, reached their fifty percent unit casualties and then failed their morale test and routed from the field. Thanks to Craig for a fun game. I see on Dan Mersey’s blog it is the fifth birthday of the rules. I have to say they certainly have stood the test of time, they are one of my favourites sets of rules, and I can honestly say that I’ve really enjoyed every game of Dux Bellorum that I have played.

Saxon Ordinary Warriors have some success

Casualties mount on both sides

Romano-British fail their morale test and rout

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