Royal Navy Inshore Squadron

Royal Navy Inshore Squadron


It was my day off today and I made the most of it by assembling and basing the ships for a Royal Navy Napoleonic and Revolutionary War inshore squadron. This consists of the following but I will add some more frigates later on:

Flagship ’64‘ 3rd Rate – HMS Diadem

’38‘ 5th Rate Frigates- HMS Arethusa, HMS Phaeton

’36‘ 5th Rate Frigate – HMS Dryad

’32‘ 5th Rate Frigate – HMS Juno

’20‘ 6th Rate ‚Post Ship‘ (Sloop) – HMS Ariadne

’16‘ Unrated Sloop of War – HMS Stork

14′ Unrated Brig – HMS Speedy

’10‘ Unrated Cutter – HMS Sparrow

All of these were actual vessels in service c1800 but I’m also thinking of adding a couple of fictional frigates or sloops to add a narrative element to my scenarios. I’m going to pick up some more frigates at Colours on Saturday to fill in the gaps, although I can see this project easily mushrooming into something more extensive if I don’t keep it tight.

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