Rubicon Models 28mm Kübelwagen

Having made it safely to the half term break, I had great plans as to how I was going to push things along for the Schloss Itter project, but as we rush towards the end of the week, and I start to take stock, I feel that not as much has been achieved as I had hoped for!  It is not all doom and gloom, we have another terrain piece in the offing that we hope to share before too long, James has completed the base boards and I have collected together, and in some cases converted, the miniatures for a few more of the characters.
I have also, finally, completed my Type 82 Kübelwagen from Rubicon models.  This was my first Rubicon Models kit and I have to say that I was mightily impressed.  A hard plastic multi-part kit, it went together well, with clear instructions and a few variations available.  It comes with the option to have a driver and a set of waterslide transfers that allow you to base it on campaign in the African desert or the Western Front. 
Not an expert in this particular era, I went for a relatively straightforward paint job, but embellished it, a tad, with some mud streaks and general wear and tear.  It feels a little small, particularly when seen next to a standard 28mm miniature, but I wonder if this was because I haven’t based the piece at the moment?  This doesn’t detract from the quality of the model and the more I read about this Porsche design utility vehicle the more I have come to appreciate it.  
The Kübelwagen plays an important role in our story insomuch as it is the vehicle the Major Josef Gangl takes to meet up with the Americans at Kufstein.  Travelling under a white flag, Major Gangl persuades the American Capt. Lee to help rescue the prisoners and the pair travel back to the castle in the German officer’s Kübelwagen, which is now proudly sporting an American star, supposedly on the flag. 
I wanted to include this lovely detail, but couldn’t understand how it worked, a white star on a white flag?  It is entirely possible that I have misunderstood the reference, but if anyone has an idea as to how I might make this work then do let me know. 

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