Russian Armour

Another bit if holiday painting, the start of some armoured support for my WW2 Soviets.

The KV-2 is a gift from the Mad Padre. A Command Decision model, the Padre figured 3 were more than needed and sent me one.
The others are all Battlefront that Mikey found for me at the Fall-In flea market.  T-60s and T-70s were the last tanks I wanted, but I did say I was looking for any Soviet vehicles or artillery, and ironically the T-60 and T-70s are what he found.

Mikey has a blind spot for Battlefront, or else they’ve become so market dominant that you can’t find other, not so overpriced manufactures, in the flea markets right now. 
Next time I’ll have to send him with some money to the Old Glory booth to get the T-26s that I really want for 1941 games.
But at least my Soviets have some support now.

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