Russian Generals of Zorndorf

General Fermor and his staff (click to enlarge)
I have been working on the commander stands for the various command elements in my SYW Russian army for my Zorndorf convention game.
General Willem Fermor was the commander of the Russian armies in the field during the 1758 campaign which culminated at the Battle of Zorndorf in August 1758.
His three“division“ commanders were Lt. Generals Galitzen, Saltykov and Braun (or sometimes „Browne“). So far I have painted everyone except Braun.
The figures shown in the picture above are primarily Minden Miniatures with one or two Crann Tara Savoia officers. The ceremonial artillery parade wagon was scratch built by Ed Phillips.
I am currently working on horse teams to go with all of the Russian ammunition wagons that Ed also painted for me. Watch for them in this space within the next couple of days.
Russian Figures are arriving
I have a new shipment of castings scheduled for delivery tomorrow from Griffin Moulds. The shipment includes the new SYW Russian musketeer in red waistcoat, the drummer in waistcoat and the NCO and Officer in uniform coats. I will be creating product codes and plan on having the new codes listed in the Fife & Drum on-line store by next week.
South Carolina Continentals are arriving
The same shipment also includes the ten new South Carolina Continentals for the AWI and these should also be coded and listed in the web store next week.
Mounted Militia figures are arriving
And finally, we have eleven new American mounted militia figures which work particularly well for the Southern Theatre of the American Revolutionary War. These will also be coded and posted in the web store by next week.

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