Russian Musketeers in Coats – Newly Painted

The new Minden Russian Musketeers in regular coats plus GMB Designs flags.


The other day I completed the basing and flagging of a new regiment of Minden Russian musketeers wearing their regular green coats.
The product codes used to make this musketeer battalion of 32 figures include:
MR-001 Russian Musketeer Command (officer, drummer, std bearer and NCO)
MR-002 Russian Musketeers in regular coats (pack of 8 figures)
MR-003 Russian Musketeer Standard Bearer pack (2 figures)
Minden Russian Musketeers
For my own wargame army organization I use 32-figure battalions based on four stands, with 8 figures per stand. The two end stands have the drummer set out further from the rest of the battalion and there is an NCO on each flank base. My command stands consist of 2 standard bearers, one officer and 5 rank and file musketeers. In my Prussian battalions I replace one of the musketeers with a Zimmerman figure (wearing grenadier mitre and leather apron and carrying an axe).
So my units have two each of officers, standard bearers, drummers and NCOs for a total of 8 figures. There are also 24 rank and file musketeers (or grenadiers or fusiliers as required). Thus in the case of my Russians, the following packs of figures are needed:
2 packs of MR-001 Musketeer Command (4 figures per pack x 2 packs = 8 figures)
3 packs of MR-002 Musketeers
I really like the way that the Russian musketeers in coats turned out once I had painted them. I am sure that I will be painting more of them. Next in the painting queue: a battalion of Russian grenadiers in regular coats.

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