Saladins….in Honduras!?

Is that the Presidents lawn?
Very tasteful camouflage.

There’s more than one!
That would be fun to paint!
I’ve been reading around the subject of the Football War and have been digging about for background information on the armed forces of Honduras and El Salvador as a result. Much to my surprise, I stumbled across these press photos of a Honduran Saladin. I thought that the last of these 1960’s heavy armoured cars had been sent to the junkyard, to military museums or to private collectors years ago, but apparently they are still soldiering on in Latin America.

I suspect that anything armoured and armed with more than a heavy machine gun is a game changer and therefore worth hanging on to? It’s all a bit AK47:Republic, which reminds me that I haven’t had a game of that for ages. It also reminds me of my on-going post-colonial 15mm skirmish ideas, which I really should re-visit at some point in the next few months. I wonder if I could do a retreat from Empire ‚Imaginations‘ themed project in 1960’s Central America…now there’s an idea?

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