Sally 4th Terraformers Modular Terrain

I spotted an advert for this modular terrain making system on The Wargames Website and thought it looked really interesting. It’s based on 1′ square mdf frames into which you drop polystyrene blocks then texture and paint over the top, so nothing radical but very simple to do. The best bit is that you have magnets glued into the frames which keep them all together and the sides are a consistent profile to avoid mis-matches.
It’s also not that expensive and perfect for skirmish games on a 2′ x 2′ board, where terrain really needs to look the part as there isn’t much of it. I may well give this a try as  there’s a starter set of four tiles that would do very nicely for a desert themed wadi and rocky scree slope somewhere in Aden or a jungle clearing in Malaya, French Indochina or other post-colonial corners of empire.

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