<div>Salute 50 - The Show, The Meet Up & The Swag</div>

Salute 50 – The Show, The Meet Up & The Swag

Well another Salute is over. This year was the 50th anniversary of the largest wargames show in the country and It was, all in all nice to be back.

A bit of a mixed emotion after attending this year. In one way I personally would have thought the fact that it was the 50th anniversary that it would have been a bit more special – weird to explain really but it just didn’t feel like a celebration event. 

I know we have had a strange few years and Salute is getting back on its feet, and last years event was a by all accounts a bit of a let down, so I was expecting something a bit more…..

With that there was also a few big name traders that were a no show, Plastic Solider Company were off with Covid I believe, Gripping Beast were a no show and there were a few more including Footsore Miniatures. However it was still an extremely packed, well attended show with some marvellous games with a hell of a lot of effort gone into them.

Unfortunately there is still a few which suffer from the dreaded lacked of signage, information about their games and lack of engagement with the interested public – if you have a great looking demonstration game, dont just play it between yourselves and ignore peoples interest and questions about it !

As usual at Salute, around 1pm there is a meetup in the middle of the hall of Bloggers/Vloggers and the like and again it was fairly well attended, the notable missing few being Ray and Postie from the Rejects.

Overall I was stoked to be back at Salute and it was a fantastic day catching up with the great and good of our seminal hobby.

Huge shout out to my favourite people Alex, Dawn and Rob from Warp Miniatures, Karl, Helena and Mogan at Crooked Dice, Michael and Jo at Oathsworn, Lardy Rich at Two Fat Lardies where I had a brilliant game of their new What A Cowboy rules, and the nicest bear in wargaming Wayne at Tangent Miniatures and Ronnie at Mantic Games

It really is a pleasure after 42 years in this hobby to know, interact and be involved with such lovely people.

Some people think of Salute like Marmite – you either love it or you dont! it has its faults but it also has its merits and for a show to be still going strong after 50 years is testament to the South London Warlords and their hard work hosting it.

I for one enjoy the day immensely regardless and look forward to many more.

Photos of the day.

Bloggers Galore (if thats the collective noun?)

Swag of the day

Warlords new Epic Pike and Shotte Starter set, with resin Gabbions.
Free Salute Dice Tray, Dice and Miniature
Wargames Illustrated Magazine with free Cavalry sprue for Epic Pike and Shotte game
Mounted Hordak and Skeletor exclusives for Masters of the Universe Battlegrounds.
Burrows and Badgers Owl and new cannons and crew set.
Forklift and German WW2 Checkpoint scenery bits from Mantic.

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