Salute Phalanx IV; the Silver Shields

Salute Phalanx IV; the Silver Shields


Here is a work-in-progress shot of the new phalanx. These are two thirds of the silver shields that will constitute the two right hand units of the ten unit „Great Phalanx.“ I finished the rear rank elements earlier, and this week got the middle ranks mostly based- they just need their bases dry brushing and flocking by chum Ian. I’ve just started work on highlighting and basing the 48 front rankers (painted by Shaun McTague last year)- they are perhaps a week away from basing. In terms of the project as a whole, the last of the required minis being painted this week. I’m:
  • 55% done with finishing/basing the rear ranks
  • 95% done with finishing/basing the middle ranks
  • 0% done with finishing/basing the front ranks

So almost half way. However, I expect the lowered pikes of the front ranks to be particularly challenging to base. Still, though, I should be just about OK to get them all finished in time.

In other news, I’m finalising the next release of the TtS! Medieval Army List eBook– due out on the 28th. There will be two new lists and some more background material. One of the new lists will cover the peasants for the German Peasants‘ War- I’ve been hugely enjoying the Helion on the Swabian Wars and am struggling to resist ordering the pretty new Steel Fist minis. 🙂

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