Samurai Assortment

Samurai Assortment

In the two weeks since my flurry of assembly, I’ve bashed on with getting paint on things. 

First done, mainly because they were the easiest, was the group of unarmoured warriors converted from Pulp Figures Tong gangsters. I spent a little more time on the skin tones than I usually do.

I also have this fellow, ready to give an energetic drum solo. The drum came to me already quite nicely painted. I should make a pavilion for it.

Next is this handful of mounted bushi which were given to me years ago already based and primed. They’re from The Assault Group. They’re from an earlier era. By the Sengoku Jidai Samurai had moved away from mounted archery and were acting more as shock cavalry.

But I think lighter armoured, mounted archers in archaic armour works for Ronin living off of raiding and banditry. 

Their much more individual and elaborately laced armour did slow me down. 

I had originally thought of using the chap in red armour as my overall commander, but with his quiver of arrows I decided to keep him with the archers. 

That leaves the chap in blue armour to be my Ronin commander. His blue armour provides a nice contrast to the dominant red of the Daimyo’s force.

Here’s my group of six Samurai on foot, including the two where I switched katanas for pole arms and fixed broken scabbards. 

Finally the last of my mounted bushi, giving a big boost to Yokshie Tokubetsu’s cavalry arm.

So until my order from Perry Miniatures arrives, that’s all of my Ronin/Ikko-ikki done. I’ve just got 9 ashigaru with yaris and 9 ashigaru with teppos to paint for Yokshie Tokubetsu. Can I get them done before the order arrives?

Stay tuned!

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