Sandbanks and Shoals

Sandbanks and Shoals

I spotted these new laser cut mdf terrain templates on the Blotz website yesterday and thought they would be perfect as sandbanks, shallows or shoals for naval wargaming, especially as they have the contour lines etched into the surface to make it easy to identify water depth and the high water mark. I think that you could easily add some rocks or a sandbank in the central zone then use different shades of paint to create a shoaling effect as the water becomes deeper toward the outer edge. They can be suppled in 2mm or 3mm mdf and are the following dimensions, so they would also be useful as a basis for islands in smaller scales. Here’s the burb:

A set of MDF terrain bases in random shapes, with an etched line 10mm and 25mm from the edge.

The set consists of five bases:

149mm x 86mm

140mm x 110mm
108mm x 69mm
114mm x 87mm
139mm x 103mm. 

Not bad for four quid a set?

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