Sandbox Skirmish Air Support

I’m a big fan of planes and helicopters in AK47, so I’m determined to use some model aircraft in the Sandbox Skirmish project. I already have a couple of 1/144th scale Revell Hawker Hunter kits for ground attack, so that angle is well and truly covered. I don’t have any suitable helicopters, however, or at least that’s what I thought until I remembered an old 1/100th scale Heller Alouette II kit that I bought in a French supermarket years ago. 
I had one of these as a gunship in my old AK47 Colonial Settlers army but sold it to a gamer at the local club. It’s a lovely little model and surprisingly robust, so ideal for wargaming purposes. The Army Air Corps used them in the 1960’s as a stop gap before the Westland Scout was available, so it’s entirely reasonable for my British infantry platoon to have one as a spotter and liaison machine, as well as for casualty evacuation purposes. I’ll see if I can find it in the loft?

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