Scots Greys – Perry Metals

Here’s a unit of Scots Greys which will be used in a cav-heavy Black Powder game based on a scenario in the 2nd Edition – „The Eve of Waterloo.“ As with the rest of my cav, they’re in 8-man units. The officer will be used for either a brigade commander or ADC.

They are the first metals, besides the few Black Hussar specialty figs, I’ve added in a while. The weight difference from plastic is quite apparent.
They’ll be another heavy unit for the British, who should be a good match against French Cuirassiers and Dragoons.
They didn’t participate in the Peninsula, but famously advanced at Waterloo – not quite a charge – and assisted the 92nd Highlanders in repulsing the French line.

 „Scotland Forever!“

Next up are the Red Lancers – also Perry metals. Until then, wishing you all the best during the holidays!

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