SELWG 2021

SELWG 2021


Last Sunday, 4 Rejects went on our first tour of a Wargame show in 20 months. Richard, Postie, Lee and myself drove to Lee Valley Athletics Centre in Edmonton for the 
SELWG show.
We got there pretty early but only stood in the queue for around 15 minutes.

Straight in the doors and who do I bump into, Tamsin!
Rob from Reiver looking very stern, perhaps I should have spent more?
Wasn’t till I got home I realised that was true, I’d forgotten to buy some Austrian Grenadiers!!!

Too Fat Lardies – Infamy Infamy

I went back a little later when there was a little bit of action.

Too Fat Lardies – O Group, Operation Epsom

Too Fat Lardies – Strength and Honour, Bibracte 58BC

Full Colour Fantasy – The Prisoners Dilema

Postie giving Simon from Parkfield Miniatures his dosh.

Society of Ancients – The Battle of Trebia 218BC

Real Time Wargames

Not sure? No1

Col Bill, doing his thang!

Lost Ark Landsers – „Ding! Dong!“ 28mm WWII

Newbury and Reading Wargames Society – Battle of Bosworth 1485

Spalding Wargames Club – Star Wars Legion

The Bring & Buy, pretty late in the day. There was a lot of great stuff on sale for a change.
Spalding Wargames Club – Fistful of Lead

The queue for lunch. Apparently a Fish n Chip van was hired for lunch, but overnight some bugger nicked it!!!
So a Mexican food and coffee vans were quickly called. Sensibly Richard bought some sandwiches, me Postie and Lee didn’t, so we had to stand in line with everyone else.
Note the Mexican in the Mexican queue!

South London Warlords – Stingray
GLC – Assault on Villa Cobo 1937, Spanish Civil War

Deal Wargames Boworadet Rebellion, Siam 1933

Random Shot No1
Essex Warriors – Star Wars, Attack of the Clones

Milton Hundred – Carentan WWII

SEEMS – Colonial 

Random Shot No2

Cheshunt Wargames – 6mm Battle for Hoe Binh, Indochina 1951

1/72 Games – Beersheba 1917

Shepway Wargames – Viva la Revolution – Mexican Revolution 1917
What a fantastic looking game this was!

Excellent Train

Random Shot No4

Crawley Wargames Club – Maharajpore Masala Curry 1843

Not sure?

Gravesend Gamers Guild – 40K

Scarab Miniatures – War & Conquest

Random Shot No5
Prince Rupert’s Bluecoats – Moon Over Sedgemoor 1685
My favourite game of the show, we;; it would be wouldn’t it?

Here’s of pic of the well deserved Winners of Best of Show!!

I met Simon from Iron Mitten blog, centre, he made me put the hat on. I did tell him 
I’ve got a big head!
I was quite impressed with the new venue, lots of open space, with loads of room for more traders next year. I did miss the quirkiness of Crystal Palace I’ve gotta admit, but not the choline smell. 
I guess it was a difficult decision moving to North London, being the South East London Wargames Club, but If that was the best place available then why the hell not.
Well done guys, great show!

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