Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy new releases April 2023

Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy new releases April 2023

The largest range of 15mm scale Japanese Fantasy miniaturs in the world has expanded again now with two hundred and eleven poses. Sculpted by John Bell.  

This time we have swimming monsters and lanterns!  See the whole range on our WEBSITE and get into Sengoku Monster Hunter solo play or up to four players…your hunter vs the yokai!

Here are all the new codes from left to right.  As usual every miniature is a single in the range as well as collected in value packs and sets.  Shown with a typical Sengoku Human for scale.

SGF207 Hanzaki (Salamander)

SGF208 Swimming Hanzaki (Salamander)

SGF209 Toro (Stone Lantern)

SGF210 Toro II (Stone Lantern)

SGF211 Wani (Shark/Crocodile)

SGFP59 Hanzaki with Wani and Toro Lanterns Pack (5 pieces)  (Save 10%) 

If you wish to get in on making a name for yourself as a Guild Hunter in the excellent rules for one to four or solo play by Steve Danes then check out the Sengoku range where you will find two titles. Sengoku Monster Hunter the core game book with all you need to play and Rampage its expansion which adds a lot to the game.  Both are in print and cheaper as paid digital downloads.

Those looking to start in the game are recommended to purchase the core book as well as SGFP1 Sengoku Set 1 and SGFP33 Guild Hunters along with a pack of SGFP32 Sengoku Monster Hunter Tokens.  These codes give all you need to play and act as a jump off point too.

Until 8th May 2023 our Spring Mega Event is on at Alternative Armies.  See our BLOG for full details or visit the WEBSITE and have a browse.  20% off all orders automatically (no code needed) at checkout, 20 new releases, 100 deals and offers and a free model in every package shipped.  Superb!

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