Sherman Firefly Finished


I’ve now built and base coated the last of the PSC M4A4 Shermans, this time an unmodified ‚oout of the box‘ 17 pounder armed Firefly, to complete a troop of the 7th Armoured Division for Operation Blackcock. This is as many as need for a game of What a Tanker! but I am tempted to add three Armourfast M4A2’s and the last remaining PSC Firefly to have a troop of the 4th/7th Dragoon Guards of the 8th Armoured Brigade.

4th/7th Dragoon Guards in Operation Blackcock

The 4th/7th Dragoon Guards were involved in Operation Blackcock, being temporarily under the command of the 7th Armoured Division, and played a key role in following up the main assault to outflank the dug in German defenders. I even have a spare M4A2 sprue somewhere in the kit pile, so would only need to buy one new kit, as there are two models in each box. I’ve even modelled the ujnot before in the same scale but, unfortunately, sold off the whole lot on eBay ages ago!

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