Should I Stop Posting On TMP?

 This morning I was visiting another blog, one that I follow frequently, and the topic of monetizing one’s blog came up. I don’t mind if other bloggers want to monetize their blogs with Blogger, but I choose not to for various reasons.

However, there was a comment by another fellow in the Comments section, in which he indicated that he stopped following a certain American blogger (no name given) because he posted too many TMP topics of the „here’s what I’m doing on my blog today“ entries. He thought that this was a scheme to direct traffic to my blog in order to get paid by Blogger.

This could not be any further from the truth.

I do not know if this comment was directed towards me, but I do post on TMP to bring attention to something that I have posted on my blog that day. I don’t do this for every TMP posting, but I do this from time to time. Usually I post one picture from my blog and a link to that particular blog post so that people can see what I am doing. In most cases, I am highlighting a post that has lots and lots of pictures and I feel that TMP is not the place for me to post ten pictures, etc. TMP has a viewing tracker for each topic posted. For example, one of my posts might generate 400 hits on TMP by TMP viewers. That would seem to indicate that people are interested in what I am posting so I keep doing it.

Another reason for posting a Here’s What I Am Doing post on TMP is because it really does generate traffic to my blog. For example, in a recent post I had 61 views of the topic on my blog. When I posted on TMP that there was something new to see, the number of views increased to 223. That is quite an improvement! I can say unabashedly that TMP works and helps my blog.

Am I doing something wrong here? Please give me your opinion in the comments section below. I would appreciate your feedback.

Respectfully Yours,


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