Showcase: Dark Souls Vordt of the Boreal Valley

Showcase: Dark Souls Vordt of the Boreal Valley


Just a quick one today – Vordt of the Boreal Valley! A boss for the Dark Souls board game. 

It’s the first boss in Dark Souls 3 (Iudex Gundyr notwithstanding), so to some this will be the first DS boss they ever encountered in their Dark Souls careers. For me it certainly was, thus I have fond memories of the guy.
The first and foremost thing about him is that he (like many Dark Souls things) is All Metal. And on top of that he’s blue too. Which poses an interesting challenge to overcome on so many of the Dark Souls boss figures. Also, the surfaces have to be done contrast-y enough, because he’s a big fella. The base is about 150mm in diameter.
Another thing of course being the sharp, bright and jagged outlines.

One more things is that even though there are very good videos of the boss fights on the internet, it’s often not easy to discern different surfaces and their different colouring. Which on miniatures is somewhat important. Less so when we’re in a video game, in which the creature is a whirling mass of death and destruction. 

Last but not least I try to get the bases ‚right‘ to fit the in-game boss arena (as well as the boss arena board these figures tend to come with in their expansions).
But yeah, as usual with most DS figures he’s not overly detailled (they are board game figures from a few years ago after all), but good fun. And I enjoy working with metallics.

Hope you like the figure!

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