Showcase: Van Saar Archeoteks and Grav-Cutters

Showcase: Van Saar Archeoteks and Grav-Cutters


In 2021 I posted the Van Saar gang for Necromunda. Here’s a neat little addition – Grav-cutters and Archeoteks.

GW went an interesting route with these. The basic box has a ton of different gun, equipment and head options. Add to this all the Forgeworld packs to get on top of that, and you got a nice choice of things. Then GW released these figures here – the box comes with 4 Grav-Cutters and 2 Archeoteks and next to no equipment options.
That’s no problem though, because 90% of people who get this box will already own the basic gang box and possibly the FW bits as well. 
Since the fine gentleman who had me build and paint these models for him also supplied the FW bits, I had a go at building them in a more interesting way than the vanilla version of the box would be. Especially in the case of the Archeoteks, which are basically the same torso with slightly different arms, it was a bit interesting.

Paintingwise, they’re bascially the same, pretty sombre colour scheme of the original gang, just so they fit the underhive, despite the overboarding amounts of technology these guys bring with them.
Hope you like them!

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