Silver Bayonet - Will the real Claude please step forward.

Silver Bayonet – Will the real Claude please step forward.

Rejoice, rejoice Claude has been found.

How the gang is all here let’s see if they can do any better than the stunt double.

Now on with the mission, The Tomb of El Cid was raided by an unknown party and the
Hispanic hero’s bones, Crucifix and Sword  have disappeared, spread across
Spain, each waring faction is on a quest for the various artefacts.

If they can be recovered this will give a massive boost for
the various nations, the Spanish can clear there lands of foreign influence,
the Brits can defeat the French, the French can defeat the British… EL Cid’s
influence is significant for all.

After the first encounter the Spanish are in procession of
part of El Cid’s skeleton and are making their way to the Monastery of San
Pedro de Cardena when a messenger reaches the parties that some of the Cid’s
bones are hoarded by a monstrous troll who lives underneath a nearby bridge.


Everyone rushes to hunt down the beast and secure the second
part of the puzzle.
You have to say that for the Spanish they do like to get stuck in… heading straight for the bridge.

The Brits and the French unimpressed with the aggressive Spaniards poured fire into the attackers but under a hail of shot the Spanish reached the bridge. 

On the bridge the troll surfaced throwing boulders at the Spanish, but a blunderbuss round caught him squarely in the chest, followed swiftly by a musket round which finished him off… some much for the terror of San Pedro de Cardena.

The Spanish had the second part of the puzzle and were running for the road, Claude waded across the river as the Brits headed for the row boat, but despite killing a number of the Spanish the remainder escaped the table.
Two nil to the men from Spain…

Another fun encounter players are finding there feet and understanding the limitations of some of the creatures that stalk the land…. Let’s see how they get on with a Church Yard full of Zombies…

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