Simple Deployment Points for Sharp Practice

Simple Deployment Points for Sharp Practice

During my last game I found my cuff kept catching General Barclay de Tolly and trying to knock him off the table so I eventually had to move him, which pointed to a problem with using divisional or corps command stands as Deployment Points. I spent a certain amount of time, treasure and talent on my command figures, so having them smash on the floor because they are hovering around the table edges would be heart-breaking. I also don’t have any potential secondary DPs.

I decided upon this solution to to solve both problems. I have lots of extra flags printed out so it was easy enough to prime and paint some heavy washers and glue flags on to them for simple, graphically pleasing and less cuff snagging DPs. Two for my Bavarians and two for the Allies (one Prussian and one Russian flag).
Once I’ve painted more Prussian infantry and have an idea how many flags are left over, I may do a second DP for each allied army. 

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