Sisters Repentia and Arco-Flagellants

Sisters Repentia and Arco-Flagellants

 These are the last of the figures from the two Sisters of Battle Combat Patrol boxes.

Nice sculpts, but very weird and I had to refer a lot to the box art to figures out how to paint them.

There are 3 poses for the Repentia figures – with some allowing head variations.

The Repentia are still basically in human form, so were painted in normal flesh tones. Although, as with the much stranger Arco-Flagellants, they have some bio-mechanical parts implanted in various parts of their bodies.

The Arco-Flagellants from the Patrol boxes come in only 2 variations, but with some head variation options. They have much more bio-mechanical parts, so their „flesh“ was painted in a sort of „undead“ tone. I lightened the flesh basecoat and then gave it a dirty, blackish wash.

I’m holding off on hosting more games until we have our backyard landscaping finish – hopefully in under two weeks. Tired of cutting the grass and keeping it from getting moss and weeds. I do have a Sisters of Battle Exorcist to work on though. Until next time, stay in good health and enjoy the hobby!

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