Snowmen in Flintloque and Slaughterloo a free article

“The sun is reedy and thin in the Witchlands and each time it rises upon a realm of deep cold it does so upon crackling energy and the raising of the dead.  Hundreds of Graviski Re-Animator wagons and their ghastly operators creating more Zombies and Skeletons for the armies of the Dark Czar.  It is grim work for those of a sane disposition but it is joyous for the new necromancers such as Doctorov who oversee the wagons.  While it is on the whole Elves as well as Dwarves and Dogmen that are the subjects of new unlife it is not always so…..”
We have two packs of new 28mm Snowmen and while they are great for any game system they come into their own in Flintloque and Slaughterloo and it is our great pleasure to present to you a free download article which allows you to do just that.  If you have not seen the Snowmen then check them out HERE and read on for more.
Snowmen in your Games.  A two page free article which has fiction as well as game statistics for a new Undead regiment in the Army of the Witchlands for Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  The Snegski Kodundov literally the walking snows.  There is also a scenario seed and information on placing these strange miniatures into your collection.  Download from our website by CLICKING HERE.  Enjoy!
Later in December we will give for free the eighth free Flintloque scenario in the Escape the Dark Czar arc which will see the retreating survivors encounter Doctorov’s latest monstrous creations the ‚Snegski Kodundov‘.  Can General Saindoux with the aid of allied Dogmen manage to win even as the lightening storm crackles and rages?  You will get to find out.  You can find all of the released free arc scenarios on our Begin in Flintloque page.
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