Soccer War 1/600th Scale Aircraft

I had a sort through of my Tumbling Dice leftovers from the MiG Alley and Desert Spitfires projects last night, the result being almost the entire air forces of Honduras (FAH) and El Salvador (FAS) for the Soccer War of 1969. I will make a few changes later on including swapping some unarmed Corsairs for rocket armed ones and adding some tiny cannon barrels, so that the different marques can be easily identified. I will also add some T-28 Trojans to the Honduran side, which are the only things that I don’t already have, together with a couple more C-47’s which are still in the Arab Israeli spares box.

Here’s the Honduran Air Force (FAH):

And here’s the El Salvador Air Force (FAS):

I’ve also made really good progress adapting Desert Spitfires to the Soccer War and working out some special rules to cover things like Honduran cannon jams and low level versus high level performance for the Corsairs and Mustangs. The working title is Corsairs and Cavaliers, which I think has a nice ring about it and sums up the nature of the dogfighting between the two sides. I’ll get working on typing it up over the next week or so, alongside some long overdue painting. 

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