Space Rocks! Have Glue Gun Will Travel

Space Rocks! Have Glue Gun Will Travel

This past Family Day holiday, armed with a hot glue gun and craft knife, I decided to start knocking together some rocky terrain for Xenos Rampant.

This is how a lot of my terrain projects happen. An idea rattles around in my head for a while, months or years even, and then one day I just clear some space and say „Let’s do it!“ and I start hacking and gluing with little preplanning or measuring.

Whole I was at it I got some off cuts of foam and made a rocky hill.

Not sure WTF I’m doing

Sand on bases

Next weekend was mild ( -2 degrees in the afternoon), so I took everything outside to get a heavy spray of dark grey and then a light spray of light grey.

Quiet Sunday morning photo shoot to see how they look with figures.

Very pleased with the results. To make the entire playing area (4.5′ x 5′) rocky I’ll need to bang up around 12 more pieces.

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