Spanking the Powder Monkey at Broadsword 4

The Hamilton Tabletop Gaming Society meets weekly at the Hamilton Legion, Light Infantry branch. The Legion lets them use the room for free, so Barnaby of the HTGS runs the Broadsword game days 3 or 4 times a year as a fundraiser for them.
Usually I can’t make it but this weekend I had an opening in my calendar. So I picked up Mikey at 0700 and we made the 90 minute drive.
I’m the morning I got into a demo of the Cold War gone hot version of Flames of War, Team Yankee. Very pretty toys. Our squadron of Chieftains stopped the Soviet hordes at least for a few hours.

After a not bad bacon sandwich and a beer I tried the new pirate game Blood & Plunder!
Got a good taste for the rules. Lovely production values. Very detailed; your ship’s crew is divided into four units  and with drawing cards and manipulating your hand you are deciding in which order to activate them for firing guns or managing the sails to control your speed. Keith and I closed the range and played our cards right to get a good broadside in leaving the enemy deck awash with blood. But then they rammed us, pushing us onto a shoal.

Mikey then spent some time with the GM (who is new to tabletop games) discussing ways to make better sails and knot tying  (Mikey has been a Scout Master for about 50 years so he knows his knots).
Of the two dealers, the one was sold out of the one thing I wanted so I didn’t buy anything except food.
All in all, a fun day and worth the $10 admission.

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