Spear and Sword Picts Project

Spear and Sword Picts Project


I’ve decided to go with the Picts as my initial Spear and Sword army, using my old Essex Miniatures figures for the bulk of the units, adding some additional new figures to make up the numbers. The rebasing is now underway, starting with the light cavalry which were based on plastic card for Impetus but will now be unglued and stuck down on MDF bases instead. This has been less traumatic than I expected, with the first two units done in half an hour or so. These figures were painted in 1990, or thereabouts, using Humbrol enamels but have been given a wash and a coat of matt varnish to update them a bit. Not too bad for a thirty year old paint job, if I say so myself? This rebasing and additional painting will bump my Red Actions Freikorps project down the road but that will definitely be going ahead in a month or so.

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