Starting Off 2019 With a Whimper

No big whoop, as far a projects go…but I did manage to snag a couple of bargains off of ebay the first couple of days in January. They arrived today and yesterday, along with a small Perry order made in late December last. Well, to be honest, I’ll likely be using ebay a little less after finding out that staring January 1st, 2019, sales tax was added to purchases for buyers in 3 of the 50 States – Washington State being one of the culprits! Anyway, the two ebay purchases are a model kit of Da Vinci’s „tank“ and an OOP metal Games Workshop kit of an Empire Master Engineer on Mechanical Steed. The Perry order consists of six plastic French Dragoons on foot and a plastic pontoon bridge and metal pontoniers.

The Da Vinci „tank“ looks to be about right for 28mm. Supposedly the tank was to be operated by about 4 men. I managed to glue together the Dragoons and bridge this afternoon at work on a „break.“ 🙂 Very simple indeed!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that I haven’t totally vegetated in the new year. Hope you all are doing great and hopefully I’ll get some paint slapped onto these odds and sods soon. Best to you all!

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