State of Miniature Painting

State of Miniature Painting

The second order from Meeplemart arrived yesterday with  The Crows boardgames, Litanies of the Lost for Wrath and Glory and… 

These two miniatures for Ninja All-Stars that I happen to see they still had… (just… don’t ask…) 

Updating my Painted vs. Purchased page (and the list took on the left (if your looking at this on a home computer and not a phone…), I noticed that broughts my total of 29mm Miniatures Acquired for 2023 to 118… 

So far, I have only painted 53…

then I started comparing and that sent me down a whole rabbithole of crunching numbers and thinking about things… 

If I paint four more I’ll match last year’s total… but will still have acquired 61 more miniatures than I’ve painted. So I got thinking about how I could, at the very least, paint MORE than I’ve acquired. I need to paint 65 just to break even. There are 109 days left in the year. If I painted ONE MINIATURE PER DAY that would be 162, which would be brilliant – well over what I’ve acquired and on my way to brining down the mountain of shame (though, it’s not really much of a mountain, they’re actually all very neatly organized in drawers in the game room…). 

Is it realistic to think I could paint a miniature per day…? Maybe… Maybe not… If I did one every other day for the rest of the year that would only be 54 and bring my total to 107, just shy of what I need… so I need to paint a little more than one every other day.  

Looking back at the last decade and a half (since I started tracking painted vs. purchased) there are only four years I was „in the black“ (having painted MORE than I purchased). 

In the previous 15 years I have acquired 13222 28mm miniatures (an average of 881/year),  but only painted 9643 (an average of 642/year)…

To get caught up, I need to spend the next 15 years painting 239 MORE miniatures than I acquire… 

Can I DO that…? 

Will I even LIVE that long?!

I don’t know… 

Maybe lets start with just painting more miniature than I acquire from here on out! So that means painting a little more than one miniature every other day for the rest of the year. 

What miniatures am I going to paint? NO IDEA!?  

The ones most likely to be finished next are these three:

Three Ninja All-Stars miniatures from the game Keiran got a few years back. I don’t know WHAT got me thinking I should paint these up…?! 

I think I’d been looking around on Meeplemart to see if they had anything else I could add to the second order, as it is unlikely that I’ll be ordering anything else any time soon… and i THINK I went looking at Soda Pop miniatures to see if they had any heroes for Super Dungeon Explore and they didn’t but they had the two Ninja All Stars miniatures above and I remembered that Keiran had that game, but we’d never played it and I must have got it in my head that I should order these two miniatures and paint them and I could paint up a couple of teams of the ones that Keiran had and maybe that might motivate them to play the game….? Maybe…?

Anyway, the Samurai Sentry is pretty much done and the two Shinobi just need a few finishing touches and that will be THREE that I’ve done…? 

What will be next…? Who knows… could be the two new Ninja All-Star minis… Could be more from the box set (to finish a team… or finish the sentries…?) Or SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!? 

If I were in a place that I could actually make a PLAN and STICK TO IT(!?) – I’d probably count out a few Kill Teams (Ninja All-Star teams?) and clear everything off the painting tables and just work on those until they are done… but that doesn’t seem to work at all anymore.. so… we’ll just have to see…

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