Still Got The Bug, Bug ~ Mobile Cosmonaut Legion

Still Got The Bug, Bug ~ Mobile Cosmonaut Legion

Greetings folk!
I’m still moving ahead with my bug related modeling and over the past couple of weeks I’ve added a few more figures to the swarm as well as working on their opponents. I mentioned in my last post that I got a a bit ill: well that turned into a major infection in my sinus and chest which knocked me out for a while.
First up are my revamped Mobile Cosmonaut Legion

These were originally my GCPS for Firefight but I haven’t played the game for a long time and these figures were looking a bit sad and forlorn in their box so I gave them a rejuvenating lick of paint. They came up looking quite nice. Their original colour was black with a drybrush of Prussian blue which made them very dark. When I originally put them together I needed them quickly so I opted for a very simple and intimidating palette. The green makes them look a bit more interesting.

I also topped their bases which were plain grey. I decided to base them the same as my bugs because that’s who they will be fighting. I have a platoon with some support options and I’m writing a set of beer & pretzel solo rules based around a single platoon fighting bugs with the option to add support options. Very similar to how force building in Chain of Command works. – (For example: Roll a couple of dice depending on the scenario. Add them up and you may select that many points worth of support options to help out your platoon.)

One of the support options is below: Elite Jump-Troops that can drop into the action and cause trouble with their heavy weapons and things. I still have a bit more work to do to get the rest of the supports up to scratch.

How they originally looked: The actual figures are Warlord; Beyond The Gates of Antares figures. I got them cheap several years back. They’re really nice figures and I’ve heard that the game was really well done but it never took off and I think the whole game has been defunct. Shame.

Next up are these guys:

These are from Mantic and I think they’re called Reapers (or some thing like that) ~ I’m calling them Hybrid Bugs. They look great with paint but they were crappy to assemble. Seven of them are made out of the weird plastic/resin stuff that Mantic often use and the other three are resin. I picked them up cheap but apparently Mantic are now making them in plastic on sprues. That sounds like a good move on their part. However, I have a second box of these cheap ones to make before I move on.

And last but not least I got this model in the post a couple of days back. She will be my Queen-Bug. I bought this figure from a small one-man business up in Queensland that does 3d prints. It’s a nice big model at a very reasonable price. 

And that’s it for the time being. I’ll keep painting and get back to writing up my rules. And when I’m finished the bug wars can begin.

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