Sting Ray Toy - Junk or Treasure

Sting Ray Toy – Junk or Treasure

Intercepted before the dustbin claimed it, I stare looking down at a tiny Sting Ray toy and „see“ some recoverable sci-fi potential in it, or am I just too sentimental (or a hoarder) to lets things like this go (see below, I can visualise those Gerry Anderson puppets, the mermaid being the favourite and Sting Ray’s torpedoes heading towards the reptilian green „Killer Fish“ ships): 

Saved from the breakers yard today (after one of those epic house cleaner sojourns .. new kitchen – say no more, where all manner of odds and sods appear from nooks and crannies. Do I keep to the original TV series colour scheme or choose a „better“ camouflage scheme?

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