Strength and Honour Armies

Strength and Honour Armies

I had a very enlightening online chat with Mark Backhouse, author of the soon to be published Strength and Honour small scale, large battle ancient rules today. I got my Antonine Miniatures samples from Warbases a couple of weeks ago but wasn’t sure what to use them for, so it was really great to get Mark’s help in working out the options. 

I wanted to re-use my 1/2400th scale desert coastal terrain for this project as hills, so it had to fit with a historical campaign either in a Marian Caesarian or an early Imperial time frame. I had a couple of ideas including the Jewish Revolt but have settled on the Parthian Wars, as they offer the most interesting options and the Parthians really gave the Romans a run for their money as well as a bloody nose on more than one occasion!

So, I’ve ordered some more stuff from Warbases including extra Roman Legion and Auxilliary units, together with some heavy and light cavalry for the Parthians. I will be having a go at an Imperial Legion test base at some point soon to see how they paint up, but the project itself won’t kick off until next year, giving me plenty of time to get a grip on the rules once they are made available. A big thanks to Mark for all his help…brilliant!

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